Tuesday 13 October 2015

Sam & Andrew, Surprise Wedding!

I met Sam & Andrew after taking their engagement photos for them earlier this year and was so happy when they asked me to be the photographer at their engagement party. I was even more excited when they told me that it was ACTUALLY going to be their wedding and they were surprising all their friends and family!

The event was spectacular, the guests genuine and hilarious, the decorations dreamy and the emotions elated. Sam looked stunning and jaws literally dropped as she walked down the candle lit aisle. Sam & Andrew are such a gorgeous couple, a perfect balance to each other and totally besotted, which makes them so easy to photograph, and I felt so honored to be apart of their special night.

As they say, a love that makes the storybooks jealous...

P.s We tore that dancefloor up!

"When we first met Emily we were floored by her excitement, flexibility, and simplicity to work with. When she produced perfect photo after perfect photo for our engagement shoot, we knew we had to have Emily for our special day! On our wedding day, Emily was sensational to say the very least. Emily was so friendly to all of our guests, and was supportive and excited for us when it was time to announce our surprise wedding! As our Wedding was at night, Emily captured the lighting perfectly in each and every photo, got photos of every angle we dreamed of and more. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone and everyone who needs spectacular photographs for any occasion."
- Sam & Andrew