Monday, 27 October 2014

Marourbra Colours

When I visited Sydney on my drive to Melbourne I went for a walk along the cliffs next to Marourbra beach. Here, layer upon layer of worn down stone reveal amazing colours & patterns, it was such a beautifully dramatic spot.

Monday, 20 October 2014

A Very Long Road

So I'm sitting in my new house in Melbourne. Yes, Melbourne! When things change, they seem to all happen at once and quickly.

So last week I packed up my tiny car with everything i've hoarded in the last year and began the 1900kms to Melbourne. Offered a room there with friends (thank-god), it was my happy thought that got me through 2 weeks of packing, cleaning, moving, packing, selling, packing some more, that I had a haven waiting for me down south. Thanks guys xx

The mechanic I saw before I left assured me that my car "wouldnt make it to melbourne" that it needed a whole list of work; all new this, all replaced that... blah blah. Well, it ran beautifully! Managed with the huge weight of books and crystals and clothes that was jammed into every space available. So there!

Before I left Brisbane I really wanted to photograph the Story Bridge. Pretty neat.
Bye house!
The "Eclipse" from Byron Bay.
Hey Sydney. 956ks done.
Said a final-for-now goodbye to my dog Hudson who is living in Sydney now. Mad love for this guy.
Back on the road

Double! And I could see both ends, just couldn't quite get it all in the frame
After another 940 something kms and a night in some small town I arrived in Melbourne! That road has some very epic trees and clouds, I wish I had stopped and shot more!  Now I am busy applying for jobs and settling into a different rhythm and loving it! And oh my, it's so awesomely coooool here, feels like Dunedin weather! I'm living in this suburb which is mainly Vietnamese & African vibes, lots of graffitii, tiny shops and interesting faces,  looking forward to some wandering with my camera. 

Moving to a whole new city, leaving behind a whole life... well, 'intense' seems like a very small word for this transition. I am so lucky to have good people around me and am constantly reminding myself to be grateful that I have options, skills and opportunities waiting for me.

I cannot wait to explore this city! Meet up with old friends and drink cider in the sunshine! Enjoy that I now live somewhere where I can wear my nice boots or a coat or even socks without over-heating, where the makeup wont slide of my face and I don't have to worry quite so much about snakes, spiders and general QLD nightmares.